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    13 year old American citizen murdered on way back to U.S. with his family.Did not occur in Rocky Point.Occurred in the state of Tamaulipis south of Te
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    Cruises to start 2019. Make your reservation now.

    Cruise Ship
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas
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    Bodies Found

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    Laguna Shores

    Thank you..We always swap out our timeshare.We purchased ours in the Dominican Republic years ago.15 min to town not bad.I can deal with that..I Appreciate the info
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    Laguna Shores

    Thank you..I agree.We are looking in April.Los Conchas looks great.We have never stayed there but drove through.The only reason I am looking at Laguna Shores is we have timeshare and they came up as a swap.So looking to possibly take advantage of using it.Thank You
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    Laguna Shores

    Sounds like a real clusterfuck LOL Sorry to hear that.We didn't book it yet..
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    Laguna Shores

    20 minutes not bad..I can deal with that.Looking for a quiet vacation with my wife.It might just work.We have stayed at Sandy Beach a couple of times,stayed in the Mirador a few times.We also stayed at Mayan Palace although it is a beautiful resort.It felt like a haul to civilization.
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    Laguna Shores

    Thanks for info..
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    Laguna Shores

    Has anyone stayed at or own at Laguna Shores.Thoughts on resort.Looks isolated.Roughly how far from say Calle 13 or Malecon to hang out and eat or drink.I have read somewhere the tide goes out roughly 2 miles.I understand the low tide.We have been to Penasco many times.But two miles??Sounds...
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    Huge Fish Caught On Camera!!! HELP IDENTIFY! Trip Report 10/26

    Great videos bro.Thanks for sharing
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    Is "Expat" a negative term??

    Not negative at all.Individuals life choices are solely up to them.If leaving your current situation.Whether it's leaving a state or in an expats case their home country.Makes them happy or benefits their quality of life and we'll being.Its their right or perogitive.No negativity applies.
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    Bringing house items through the border

    Thank you for the info
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    Bringing house items through the border

    Ok cool.Do you have to provide receipts.Whether the stuff is new or not