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    No more LLC's to avoid bank trusts and 2 % transfer tax?

    Can’t open letter
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    Unknown Fish

    Anyone know what this fish is?
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    Shore fishing in March from Playa Encanto.

    I have a yearly fishing license very cheap if that’s what you mean. If you are fishing in Mexico I suggest you have a license. I don’t suggest breaking any laws including limits on fish catches. I know people do catch over limits but I don’t condone it. I’ve been fishing here almost 40 years...
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    Shore fishing in March from Playa Encanto.

    I usually troll around 4-5 mph when fishing there. I don’t know how an electric motor would move you along for that speed. If you are just drop fishing in out going tide in front of Estuary front of Condo Tower Tesoro you might be ok. Fish like to catch what’s moving out of estuary on out going...
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    Shore fishing in March from Playa Encanto.

    Trolling in front of Los Conchas in 25-35 ft water you will catch rock bass and some smaller grouper up to 5 lbs as well as some trigger using rapalla divers. Hit the estuary area as tide is going out for best bite. Good Luck and enjoy
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    Looks like lock down will continue for awhile

    Look into the Invermectin for Covid that numerous countries have reported on. Very interesting that it is pre and post
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    Border wait time

    Damn I thought the adults finally took over the playground from the kindergarten but guess not. Same old school yard battles just different day.
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    Noviembre to Remembre W/Pics (156k Killer)

    Seriously take your political beliefs somewhere else. As they say they are all like ass holes everyone has one and they all stink. How about info on RP
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    Corona Virus Detected in Penasco

    Was he diagnosed with Coronavirus
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    Corona Virus Detected in Penasco

    More information please
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    Yamaha outboard dealer

    Well guess I won’t be using them when I upgrade the Yamahas on my boat. That’s bad news going to have to take my boat out of state, that’s a real hassle. Good luck on your search. I’ld interested in what you find out.
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    Yamaha outboard dealer

    Try Complete Marine in Phoenix 480-966-1595. They are a Yamaha dealer I use them for all my Yamaha parts. Good luck
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    TRUMP Threatens to close US Mexico Border

    Bricklayers, farm workers, construction labors, concrete workers, masons, etc are all trades which we need and can't fill with our current labor force. Let them come with a work permit. Doctors, professionals, etc have a different road to immigration which is not through the illegal route.