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    Money stolen at border

    I was stopped bythem right before the US border heading back home, they made me get out but I told my wife to stay in the car with our 2 young children. They looked inside and made me open my cooler and one suitcase from the bed of the truck and then sent us on our way. I thought it was very odd.
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    Anyone catching fish in Penasco?

    my pops hit every stall in the fish market last week and nobody had squid. We were shocked.
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    Going down Wed-Sun this week? Suggestions for surf fishing las conchas..?

    I had some luck fishing off the end of the pier last week and saw some other guys having better luck fishing from there as well. Those cement blocks are difficult to climb up and over and I wasn't going to risk getting hurt or stuck on one side but we did catch 3 small groupers (1 leopard and 2...
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    Salt Water Convert

    Honestly I fished from the shore with heavier tackle (7ft rod, 20lb test, 4000 series penn) for about 6 years and over last year or two have gone to a basic Shakespeare medium 5 foot rod w 10lb line and its a much more fun. Hooking into smaller fish is much more fun and when you get a larger...
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    Anyone catching fish in Penasco?

    Hell ya, ill be down next week in las conchas but will try to make it out to the pier to fish for some of that action!
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    had a great few days of fishing last week

    Was down for 7 days and had about 3-4 days of good fishing weather, the rest was jusy windy as hell. Tide times were a bit odd but had a few really good calm AM tides and then a couple rougher incoming tides in the afternoon. Was fishing with lighter tackle this time with a 5 foot rod and 6lb...
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    Corvina from shore reports ?

    I fished from las conchas shore just about every tide from June 1st to the 7th and only hooked a few leatherjacks. I didnt do any bait fishing until night time and the water was booming with bonefish. Probably caught 30 of them in 2 nights. We chartered a boat out 22 miles on monday and we even...
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    water shortage

    Las Conchas. Storage tank water was used.
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    water shortage

    Group that was in our condo this week just reported they had to leave a day early because of no water. They said city is out of water as of today from holiday weekend crowds. Took them 2 hours to get into US side at the border as well. Can anyone confirm or deny how the city water situation is...
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    Who else will be down for Memorial weekend?

    heading down June 1 so we will miss the long weekend traffic!
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    2017 Corvina Contest

    Im in! Will be down June 1 - June 7 fishing in las conchas near CEDO
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    Heading down Thursday

    Welp fishing wasn't that great. Caught a large amount of rock bass and a few trigger. Leatherjacks were boiling bait balls and managed to catch a few but no corvina. Tides were pretty crazy and best fishing was early AM at low tide. Tons of sand rays out there at low tide kept me from wading too...
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    Heading down Thursday

    Hey guys, time for our yearly June trip. Ill be fishing from the shore and a bit from the kayak as usual. tides4fishing looking great for this weekend but appears it will be a scorcher. Hope the bait are running like they have been last few years in June. Pics to come over the weekend
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    Cheap Fishing Tackle Co

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    Cheap Fishing Tackle Co

    Ordering process was easy peasy, just your standard online store. Added what i wanted and they reached out to me a few days later saying they didnt have enough of what I ordered so had to make a few changes. All good in my book! I think shipping was 6-8 bucks. They do have a minimum order of 25...