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    Tourist dies in rent a Rhino off road vehicle accident

    Horrible accident, Kia slams into 'Rhino' golf cart, tourist woman dies Fallece joven mujer en accidente en bulevar costero de Puerto Peñasco Saldo de una joven mujer turista fallecida dejó un fuerte accidente entre un vehículo tipo... sedán y otro vehículo tipo “Rhino”, ocurrido sobre el...
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    Border thoughts 4/15/19

    what a mess
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    Corrupt police?

    That is a problem in whole Mexico. You are more of a target with US plates. Cops there have very low salaries and tend to act unprofessionally. Mexican law requires you to go to police station and pay infraction fee. That can make you feel like you are being kidnapped. Also there is a language...
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    Watch out you speed demons

    Any legit law enforcement must have legit registration plate on the vehicle even in Mexico, even undercover. Sounds to me more like Beltran Leyva's enforcers.
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    Deadly hit and run in Penasco

    I just watched channel 3 news in PHX, and they had a clip of some US citizen running over another US citizen, it was caught on video. Mexican Police caught the guy and let the guy go. Family is not happy. I can't seem to find any links to the news
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    Solution to police harrasment

    the cop that claimed that I missed one of the ALTO signs just ordered me to follow him to police station. He didn't ask for anything else. When I got to the station he ordered me out and asked for my keys. He gave my keys to the cop working inside behind the counter. Waited 15 minutes, then...
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    How's the weather in the end of September?

    Still a bit humid even at the end of September.
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    Dead body

    Update to the news is that they just caught the murderer of that girl in Nogales.
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    Dead body

    This news is well known all over Facebook. I wanted to post about what happened to Jovana Carolina a woman aged 23 who had one small daughter. Bad stuff happens in every town it is not fair to be posting every negative news story on this forum. Word is that her husband killed her and that he has...
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    I want to hear from Full time residence

    I can only give opinion on life in Phoenix vs life in Penasco. I live in Penasco off and on for the past 20 years. I speak Spanish so that makes a huge difference. I will only say what I don't like about it. 1. Food cost is about the same but slightly lower quality. 2.I avoid eating in...
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    ZIP A DEE...snap...

    at least we agree on something. Slap it together, take the money, quien no tranza no avanza
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    Penasco residents election rampage 08/27/1991

    aug 27 1991
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    What happened to Sandy Beach?

    Sandy beach 7/14/2017 temperature 87f, humidity 66%, wind 12mph Photo taken today. Nice but where are the tourists?
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    What happened to Sandy Beach?

    I always point this out here in the forum. Penasco was a better place in the 1990s Because of the greed. Starting in late 1990s, idea was to make Penasco top destination like Cabo or Acapulco, land value went up and people who owned that land wanted more, got sold then fenced off. This is the...
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    Zombie Developments: Parayso

    When you see a PO box and LLC on the address, you know it is a scam. And Lukeville which is nothing more than one gas station and customs building.