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    Looks like lock down will continue for awhile

    My buddy told me that in light of all the recent events Mexico has agreed to pay for the wall!.. Canada wants one too.
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    Looks like lock down will continue for awhile

    Wishing the best for you Joe! I think you will beat this thing down. Keep us posted.
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    Merry Christmas, Loves Ya!

    Feliz Navidad to all and a beachin Christmas
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    Long Term Condo / Home Renting

    Recently read the article about Americans 50+ flocking to Mexico. Got me thinking maybe I could rent out my 2bd 2bth condo at Princesa for January and Febuary.
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    You will be missed Roberto. I always enjoyed your posts and boots on the ground info. Vaya con Dios Amigo.
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    Looks like lock down will continue for awhile
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    Thanksgiving - no roll call

    Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving !
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    Noviembre to Remembre W/Pics (156k Killer)

    Saw this at JJs yesterday
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    Thanksgiving - no roll call

    Hope we’re talking 11 pm to 6 am!
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    Trip Report Oct 16th.

    Another calm flat day. Kayaked in front of pitaya yesterday. I little windier than today but very nice. Kept seeing a periscope popping up eyeing us. Got closer and it was a 3’ diameter sea turtle checkin us out! Very exciting. The huge sea lion was more intimidating.
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    Trip Report Oct 16th.

    Picked up 3 big bags of rice, beans and sugar from Rudy in Lukeville for casa Hogar bout 12:30. Looked up road to see what line was going to be like crossing. Like an angel a truck with a 1,000’ foot trailer was totally blocking the road allowing us to go right to the border. No Wait! Got...
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    Looks like lock down will continue for awhile

    Haven’t seen much info lately on the Covid numbers in RP. Hoping everyone is doing well. Hoping to stay most of the winter. Any info would be much appreciated.
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    Trip Report Oct 16th.

    Wow sounds great! Going to head down Friday. Usually can time going through border no on a weekend but this time have no choice but to come through round 4 on Friday. Not a holiday so hoping wait won’t be too bad. Thanks for the updates and I will post when we get in.
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    In Desperate Need of a WALKER

    Damn Joe that sucks. Maybe try one of the Farmacias, you can get bout anything at those. I like San Martins just down from cholla mall.
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    Looks like lock down will continue for awhile

    Every time we drive by the marina and see the out of commission shrimp boats I think how cool it would be to totally refurbish one into a comfortable live aboard!