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BTW because of abbreviated semesters this year, there are no spring breaks for UA, ASU & NAU. Not that they won't still come down on weekends...


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word on the Playa, beach is closing for Semana Santa?
Facts please that is a very serious statement you are posting, be best you keep your word on the street to yourself unless you have something you can copy and paste.
I was curious how many people flip you off when you drive the speed limit coming to Penasco!
Have a good day amigo.


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It was a question, thus the question mark ? Glad to hear it is not. How did you know i drive the speed limit???


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For all the AZ colleges not having an official Spring Break, there were, many, many college aged people here this past weekend.
We haven't gone into town at night yet, but JJ's in Cholla had 25-30 cars out front the 3 times I drove by there in the afternoon.
Lots of cars and quads driving in Cholla. People are definitely here, even on a Monday.
We have lot's of home updating projects going on currently so next weekend we will get out for some sun and eating out fun.


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Everything is busy right now. For good or bad. There were some fights in the Malecon over the weekend because some of our visitors don't like to wear mask and made a big deal about it to others, but other than that it is busy all around and there is a good vibe in the air (except for the trash burning)


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It is busier than I have seen in the past 2 years. In town lot's of traffic on Benito Juarez.
Pollo Lucas was packed on the 3 days we drove by during the late afternoon, this past week.
We went to La Curva on Tuesday around 6PM, It was 3/4 full and by the time we left at 7PM
another 25 people came in, lot's of families both local and from the US.
Tonight, Thursday at 6PM I drove by JJ's and there were 30+ cars in front, On a Thursday??? Wow.
I ended up going to the Oyster House and only 15 people in there, but by 6:30 another 12-15 additional people came in.
So for mid week it's pretty busy.
Mr. Fish Taco was still open with 10 people still there at 6PM.
All in all, I am very happy to see this. I bet Semana Santa is going to be really wild this year.
Sad that Roberto won't be giving us any real time reporting this year. Rip Roberto. we miss your humor..