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    Mexican Tile

    pictures please
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    Sea of Cortez Fish Photos 2017

    Shawno, looks like fun, trips like that aren't an every day thing, thanks for sharing. Jerry, go away. . . .I don' see you posting pics of your catch. Roberto, kiss off.
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    I enjoy Roadkill

    somebody has been hitting the eggnog a bit early
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    Fish Story for November 6, 2016

    when's the fish fry?
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    Fish Story for November 4, 2016

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    crown on plane

    learn to drink the local stuff, it's much cheaper
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    Fishfinder and basic Safety Gear

    sounds awesome
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    Passing border with Enhanced Driver License

    I thought you had to have a passport to come back in, thought it was changed a few years ago, am I wrong, only a DL now?
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    Best hydration drink

    never mind
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    Fishfinder and basic Safety Gear

    YES. Get and register a PLB, I've always bought ACR products. You also need a strobe. Both can be attached or put into a pocket on your life vest. You'll forget you have them until you need them. Everything else is a choice after that, but those two things are required in my opinion, on...
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    STUART! Lures?

    all right, thanks
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    STUART! Lures?

    fixed, sorry, forgot where I was
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    STUART! Lures?

    Cause Dulcy will profit, not some Bucees Fixed it, my apologies
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    Info on Texas gulf fishing

    Flounder are all in the shallows for gigging, my last trip plenty of potato chips (small ones) but nothing of any size, but man oh man where the small ones thick. Trout are ok inshore, Reds are hitting decent but not much size. Offshore, well I haven't been offshore in a while. Go to...
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    STUART! Lures?

    Are you still making any lures? I'm looking for jigs if you are, something like a snapper slapper, or a buck tail .