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    Rocky Point City Limits

    At the Encanto entrance.
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    US insurance for once a month trip back to Tucson and back

    You can probably put a rider on your Mexican insurance
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    Peso Falling vs Dollar

    Mac's Jewelry store might. On Noreelection about a block east and across the street from Rosy's.
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    Peso Falling vs Dollar

    EXCHANGE RATE US DOLLAR TO MEXICAN PESO 1.00 USD =21.684970 MXN Mar 09, 2020 02:48 UTC
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    Just felt a pretty strong earthquake for here.
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    What fishes did aboriginal residents of Puerto Penasco Sonora catch and consume??

    Every so often we still see locals with curved sticks harvesting octopus in the tide pools in front of Playa de Oro.
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    Mail Delivery Service

    Iza at Penasco Beauty Supply next to Ley's charges $20/month for once a week pickup. Great service.
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    Los Pinos ferretaria at Constitution and Revolution.
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    RVers will do anything to avoid metered electricity.
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    Dishwasher detergent: How to find it in Rocky Point?

    Small convenience store at Sonoran Spa.
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    Service to haul haul my 5th wheel to Playa Bonita from the border or Phx

    Dennis passed away several years ago and I heard that Norma was living in Kansas City.
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    Transportation from Mayan

    How do people without vehicles get to town from the Mayan Palace? How much are taxis from the Mayan to town?
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    Someone better hurry, build that port!

    Huge lot for vehicles between Navy base and Penaso del Sol and then load tenders at docks near Balboa's.
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    Ajo Medical Clinic

    My long term primary care provider in Phoenix has retired and I am looking for a new one in the states. Does anyone use the Ajo clinic as their primary care provider and what are your experiences?
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    Luxury RV Park

    No beach.