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    Yak or Infatable Pontoon

    Oh Well if you guys or gals get tired when I am out there I will pull you in with my pontoon and 3.5 hp motor. Fast too
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    Yak or Infatable Pontoon

    No responses. Looks like Yackers are tight to their craft and that's it
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    Yamaha outboard dealer

    Hey I am glad I could steer you the right way Yes Nick is the guy but his dad is pretty set in his ways My name is Bill Hale and we Summer in Show Low. Maybe we can get together. We will not be here for about the next 3 or 4 weeks as my wife needs some surgery. 1000 N 34 Th Dr. 520 251...
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    Sea of Cortez Grouper- population and biology research and resources

    I agree on the pongas and their long lines fishing close in say 3 miles because this is where many of the spawn start their growth period. I also hate the little old Mexican guy that walks out at low tide and stretches a 100 ft net and takes all of the little fish. But we must remember many of...
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    Anybody hear about this? Gruesome!

    Kind of like the requirement to have a license plate on a Mexican car. Have to remember "This is Mexico"
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    Yamaha outboard dealer

    Try Martin marine. It is up by Cabellas and they are very nice there. They sent me to an online dealer for my 3.5 Tohatsu and then the did the dealer prep. The online dealer they use is great. It has great prices, no tax and ships free. I highly recommend these folks and tell them that...
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    Yak or Infatable Pontoon

    Have just purchased a new pontoon from Dave Scadden Inflatables in Utah. This Pontoon, is light and will handle up to a 5 hp outboard This will be my second Scadden boat and I will be using a new 4 stroke 3.5 hp Tohatsu on...
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    kayaks under a grand

    Hey, I fish off an inflatable pontoon but would like to join in. We generally spend the winter in RP Playa De Oro #50 I have fished off Pongas in Lobos and love it. I have also wondered about the closer fishing villages gut have not been to any of them. I have A Dodge diesel 4x4 crew cab...
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    Anyone catching fish in Penasco?

    Some of the folks going out on the pongas are doing well on count but nothing very big. Mostly Rock Bass and some Triggers. I went out yesterday on my pontoon in close and not a bite. I then put the outboard motor on and went further out, 1/2 mile and got some small rock bass for dinner. One...
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    Looking to purchase 5th wheel in RP

    I have a friend that has one to sell. He will be back in RP next Sat. so you can look at it. Give me contact info and I will have him contact you. He is in Phoenix at this time. I have seen it and it is a good unit and is priced right. Nice and clean and smells clean. if you want to call...
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    Any Corvina being caught ?

    Good activity on nice Corvina happening from shore and boat
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    We have eaten there for years. Have never seen anything but very clean. Nice folks there and the best Rellenos in all of RP
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    The Cholla Oyster House

    I am a Modelo Negra drinker but tough to get in RP so I drink the draft Indio. A very close second
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    Mayan Palace

    Not really any of your business. Tyler is commander and chief of the site and that is it. Over the hears not many have been banned and they needed to be. Be nice, reasonable language, no religion or politics ! No big deal
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    Shrimp Prices

    Got ripped by not knowing the ways of RP. Talk to folks or here before you send