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    Looking for a real map

    I have been told that no underwater map for the Sea of Cortez has been made since World War 11. The Laurance is a joke. If you find one for the North end of the Sea let me know
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    Old Kayak Fisherperson

    Sorry for the computer glitch. As said Tuscon beach is closed I do not know of any group except a Fly fishing club from Phoenix that comes down a couple of times a Winter. I come down about Nov 1 and stay until the end of March or April. I fish off an inflatable, 10 ft., and another inflatable...
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    Old Kayak Fisherperson

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    Ok, lets get this thread going again ! ! !

    This used to be the place for info on Rocky Point and then several people started bashing, bad language etc and ruined it for all. I for one sure wish it could again be like before and provide good information too, new to the area, folks. I used to be a lot of fun participating and to listen...
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    Going down Wed-Sun this week? Suggestions for surf fishing las conchas..?

    As always, almost, you get what you pay for. Almost = Be sure to get a boat that has been recommended to you from several people. Also, be sure where the boat is going to fish If they commit to 8 to 10 miles OK If he says a few miles out, JUST SAY NO THANKS.
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    Question about Desemboque

    Thanks That is what it looked like on the low tide pics.
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    Question about Desemboque

    How is the fishing? How is the launching? I have a 10 ft long inflatable pontoon with a 3.5 hp outboard motor. What is a typical variety of the fish? And how far do you need to go out into better fishing? I will not be back to RP until this coming fall. I forgot how is the Hotel, price...
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    Refrigerator in RP

    Mubuelas are great. Good prices and they stand behind the warranty. They deliver and set up for a very low price
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    Sharks off the Beach

    Comment on big sharks staying out in deeper water sounds good but I question it. Too many videos of big sharks being in close into many places with either warm or cold water
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    Yak or Infatable Pontoon

    Oh Well if you guys or gals get tired when I am out there I will pull you in with my pontoon and 3.5 hp motor. Fast too
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    Yak or Infatable Pontoon

    No responses. Looks like Yackers are tight to their craft and that's it
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    Yamaha outboard dealer

    Hey I am glad I could steer you the right way Yes Nick is the guy but his dad is pretty set in his ways My name is Bill Hale and we Summer in Show Low. Maybe we can get together. We will not be here for about the next 3 or 4 weeks as my wife needs some surgery. 1000 N 34 Th Dr. 520 251...
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    Sea of Cortez Grouper- population and biology research and resources

    I agree on the pongas and their long lines fishing close in say 3 miles because this is where many of the spawn start their growth period. I also hate the little old Mexican guy that walks out at low tide and stretches a 100 ft net and takes all of the little fish. But we must remember many of...
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    Anybody hear about this? Gruesome!

    Kind of like the requirement to have a license plate on a Mexican car. Have to remember "This is Mexico"
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    Yamaha outboard dealer

    Try Martin marine. It is up by Cabellas and they are very nice there. They sent me to an online dealer for my 3.5 Tohatsu and then the did the dealer prep. The online dealer they use is great. It has great prices, no tax and ships free. I highly recommend these folks and tell them that...