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Friends went out 50 miles yesterday. They were in a fairly fast boat and left in the am and were back early evening I think. I do not know the exact times.10 guys got 3 nice Grouper and it sounds like they were in the 100 lb category


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Thank God this was a Fishing post, I thought it was a follow-up to the Pedophile thread...
When I joined this forum, I said to myself: "these guys are living in Mexico, I am 100% sure that they are all happy, relaxed and living under the belief that they are on the same boat". I was expecting that 99% of the posts would like this one (OK, I am exaggerating here). Alas, to my great disappointment, it's more like a bad lucha libre forum.

I am for constructive criticism but food fights rarely achieve anything. Remember that we are on the s.a.m.e boat!

Anyways, thank you Buffalo Marty for the laugh.