1. R Winter Bank Fishing tournament any ideas?
  2. W

    Cholla Bay Fishing?

    Hello, I will be going down to Rocky point for Christmas and want to do some fishing. We have had good luck before with kastmasters, spoons, and squid. I have a few questions. How is fishing in December? Where is the best place in cholla bay to fish. I just got a 10' surf pole, is it useful to...
  3. R

    Local Saltwater Fisherman For contact and local info for fishing
  4. Salty Josh

    Boat houses/covered storage in cholla bay?

    We recently picked up a 23' trophy walkaround. We currently have it in a boat house in cholla, but we've been dealing with a local named Lupe for the storage and some boat work. Lupe seemed trustworthy the first couple times we met him, but since then we have some worries dealing with him. Hes...