A big thank you!


Lovin it in RP!
We just took our last caravan out last Sunday before all this COVID stuff blew up.

Now that we have concluded our final Rv Caravan to Puerto Peñasco for the 2019-2020 season, we wanted to take a moment and write a Big Thank You message to our team in Mexico for their outstanding service and help that made our groups of first timers to Peñasco feel welcomed and loved and most importantly appreciated. Starting at the border and in order of where they fit into our weekly schedule.
The city of Sonoyta Sonora....A big thank you to the mayor of Sonoyta, Jose Ramos Arzate and the first Lady, Cesia Santos de Ramos and all of the police officers for their assistance in managing the flow of traffic so that our caravans could pass through the town efficiently. Our caravans donate pesos to the local DIF office which then uses it for local community needs. Our relationship is vital and we appreciate them very much!

Rocky Point Times....Alicia and Mario always make sure I have enough copies of the local paper to hand out to each of our guest. Why is this important? The articles are of interest to our first timers and the maps inside give them the confidence to get out and about on their own on their free days. It is a vital part of their experience.

The Reef RV Park and Playa Bonita RV Park and Playa de Oro RV Park.... A big thank you to Gus Brown and his staff at the Reef RV Park. Also Miguel and Oscar Palacio and their crew at Playa Bonita RV Park also Linda Munro and her crew at Playa de Oro. They make our guest feel comfortable every time and take care of any issues very quickly. I am proud to have them as friends and associates.

Sierra Tours....Moving 50 + people around at the same time can be challenging. I am happy to know Fransico Leal and his team of hardworking people who make this challenge achievable. Clean, comfortable vans with excellent drivers made our restaurant trips and city tours very comfortable!

La Casa del Capitan Restaurant....The first night our Rvers come to town we want to impress them by having dinner at La Casa del Capitan. This landmark restaurant on top of Rocky Point always gets big oohs and aahs by our guest. Christina and her staff always get us in and feed us great food and we always have time to go outside on the deck and enjoy the unblockable sunset view from this high vantage point!

Aladinos Restaurant....Before our city tour we need a great breakfast, but who can accommodate 50+ people at a time? I mean we don’t want to sit around all day we have things to see and do! Well thanks to Yaneth Muñoz Lopez and her staff at Aladinos we are able to enjoy a fantastic Buffet Breakfast and be on the road in about an hour. Always great and always quick! Good job Yaneth and crew!

The city of Puerto Peñasco....On our city tour we visit different places around town, from the marina area to the malecon and all the way out to Las Conchas and back to the little town of Cholla Bay, ya know we gotta go to JJ’s! Everyone is impressed by our little community and the great people that they meet along the way including the great people at CEDO field station in Las Conchas. Thank you Puerto Peñasco for being so welcoming to our new comers! A big thank you to Kiko and Linda Munro for their part in making our town great!

OCV Puerto Peñasco....Constantly promoting, be it on social media or face to face at travel shows in Mexico and the United States, the team at our Office of Conventions and Visitors professionally delivers the message that you should visit Puerto Peñasco. Through these efforts we receive many request for more information on travel here. So THANK YOU! to Lizette Ibarra, Dannahi Barrios and Sara Lilia Cardenas for your hard work and constant effort in the positive promotion of our Puerto Peñasco.

Aqui es con Flavio....Our third day in Peñasco finds us having a great lunch before shopping in the Malecon. Flavio’s Restaurant has been our choice for lunch because of its location right on the water and their ability to handle large groups easily. Our guest love the food and many get to try something new to them the famous whole fried fish!
EcoFun Adventures....Of course we need to enjoy a sunset cruise with our new guest. Ever since the Sol Chaser Catamaran arrived in our marina we have had the experience of a private sunset cruise. Talk about fun! Maru Zacatelco and her amazing Captains and Crews make this a memorable excursion, they go out of their way to make our guest feel welcome. For many it is the highlight of their visit.

Mare Blu Restaurant....The final evening before we take our guest back to the border, they enjoy a fabulous, fancy, and delicious meal at this beautiful beachfront restaurant. Julio Valenzuela and his staff of waiters and waitresses make this final meal one to remember.

We are proud to call Puerto Peñasco our home and also very proud to be able to share it with our groups every year. It would be impossible for us to do this without the hard work of everyone mentioned here and many more that are too many to list. Thank you to all who partner with us to make this happen! Here’s to the next season 2020-2021!

Russ and Naomi Black
Peñasco Recreation Co.