An american’s experience in the Santa Ana gun fight this weekend


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The gun battle between Santa Ana and Caborca was nuts ! This guy was approaching it then raced back to Caborca !
"Um long story but, we decided to drive into town where I guid lives yesterday evening around 6. Cause we weren’t having any luck. We were gonna just get a hotel and shower and then drive home in the morning. Well we got to a small highway about 7:15 and stopped to get out and pee and all of a sudden our trucks started getting hit with bullets. Like crazy machine guns. So we hauled ass to get away. And the town was still 20min away. As soon as we got about 2 miles from the police station they rolled back up on us and flashed us their guns.
But when we got to the police station we had no bullets holes in our trucks. The police said the were probably shooting regular bullets at the ground to scare us and rubber bullets at our trucks.
It was crazy sounded like are trucks got hit like 500 times. And they shot us for like over mile.
So then we ended up camping out in a room at the police station. And they escorted to the border this morning.
But on our way to the border we seen 3 other shooting seems where the people didn’t get away. Burnt vehicles, dead body’s and bullet holes all over their vehicles."


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Police on the north side of the bridge, checking cars coming into town and warning northbound cars to not go to Sonoyta.. I asked the policewoman at the spot past the bridge, how it was in Sonoyta today and she said "Muy feo".
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