Anyone catching fish out of Penasco?


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I keep seeing a bunch of fish being caught down south.... are they just doing a better job of social media?
See link below

Are the Penasco guys bringing home similar catches?

Is there a different fishing environment? It doesn't look like they need to go out 50 miles to catch nice fish
Is Penasco fished out?
Did Shawno catch every last fish north of Penasco? jajajajajajajajaj :)

I'd love to hear from some locals....
I miss you Jungle Jim

Thanks in advance



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Quick answers:
Yes, fishing is better farther south and yes, A.J. (Arturo’s) is very good with social media.

I haven’t fished with A.J. For a couple of years, but I feel safe saying he fishes more than 50 miles from Penasco, and no, he doesn’t go 50 miles out. Deeper water provides better fishing. Water near Penasco is too shallow for the fish species you really want to catch. I’m sure the guys who post big fish pictures on this forum are going out farther from Rocky Point than would be safe in a panga. The sudden decline of the corvina killed my interest in fishing from shore or from a panga around Rocky Point.