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Bob Oso

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How less crowded things were this weekend. Staying in Cholla and not going into RP, I can't speak for that. But from around the Cholla area to Wrecked things were sparse. Selfishly, must say I enjoyed it, especially with October being one of the best times of year to visit. The real kicker was coming home Sunday which I can't remember the last time I did it. Left RP 10ish, which put us at the border just after 11:00. Was going to grab a pack of tortillas for the ride from one of the road merchants, but as I approached the border there were no cars, at 11:00!! Was so baffled by the events I got flustered trying to choose what lane to enter because there was not one car in line.


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Agreed! I'm with you, Bob. It's spectacularly beautiful in Rocky Point right now - sunny, clear, light breeze, low humidity, perfect temps, no bugs, warm enough ocean, etc. and it feels a little strange with really light crowds. A bunch of the rentals that are usually busy by us are empty. My guess is Roger pulled the crowds down the weekend before and Halloween kept some families home in the US this past weekend. The light border lines are a treat! Great time of year down here.


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I must say it was the lightest weekend in a long long time. We generally do not go to our houses in Cholla on the weekends but last week was quiet. Town was pretty quiet too, but we did have a car show Sunday that was very good, lots of neat machinery showed up.