Beach Erosion Control


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I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for the following:
1. Local or regional civil engineer or other consultant with experience in erosion control and beach protection
2. Contractor specializing in erosion control and/or sea wall construction
3. Other suggestions regarding engineering, design and construction of a low sea wall (less than 4') in Las Conchas or conversely, alternative solutions such as erosion mats with vegetation, natural stone slopes etc.

Thank you.


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The last people to consult are the City contractors/engineers who designed the walkway near Mannys. Everyone with any experience with the wave surge and tide action from Whale Hill to Playa Encato knew the City's expenditure of millions of pesos was wasting money, and the structure lasted less than 1 year. Unless he's an 30 yr engineer from southern Mx, and you have bottomless pockets (every few years), there is no man made wall that will stop 20 ft tides and a south wind at 30 knots. In some areas of Penasco the only solution is to move the house back much farther inland from the high water mark.


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Go for a walk in section 5 and 9 the last few years the sea walls have taken a beating. Many had been destroyed and rebuilt.Then ask who did their work. One in or two in particular were built in sections off location and brought in by flat bed. They appeared to be of interesting engineering and construction. Look for a big empty lot with a old rusty Caterpillar D7 the sections of sea wall were staged there until needed then hauled down with an excavator. I will be down in 2 weeks happy to show you then.


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For our house, I keep people off the dunes, have stepping stones to walk to the beach, and water the halophytes plants (salt loving). They aren't very pretty plants but do the job holding the sand and defend the dunes.