Best activities or restaurants for people with dogs

We travel to Puerto Penasco a couple of times each year and very much enjoy bringing our dogs.

When we go out to eat or drink, we usually take the dogs with us. So, we don't get an opportunity to enjoy as many establishments as those without dogs might, but we still have a great time.

Generally, we just go to a certain part of town (usually the old port) and ask whether we can bring our dogs with us to the patio. If they are not very busy and the guy at the door is not afraid of dogs, most places say will say yes. Those places usually do pretty well, as we all eat and drink and leave a nice tip!

Are there any places or areas that people are familiar with that are usually dog friendly and have good food, drinks, atmosphere, or combination thereof?

Thanks in advance for your ideas!


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I was told by one of the owners at JJ's that dogs aren't allowed in any food or drink place as of 2-3 years ago. (Service animals maybe?)
Thanks for all of the good advice. Wrecked and Max's are two of our usual haunts, and we've stayed away from JJs after have been turned away several times. It sounds like our usual tactic of visiting and asking continues to be the best bet.

As for the dogs scratching and slobbering, I'm far more concerned about my brother-in-law displaying that kind of behavior then our well-behaved dogs. If the dogs were to get out of hand, we would leave!

It might surprise some of you to know that there are at least 5 restaurants here in Chandler that have dog friendly patios.

Thanks again!


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I love dogs and my wife and I rescue many from RP but I'd rather eat with humans, as long as they don't lick their asses while I eat.


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You could rent a place with a yard...funny in Chandler I guess dogs can eat but you can refuse service to gay people....Baja Arizona may become a reality soon. Seriously if you have dogs you might consider going down to Santo Tomas.....few people and miles of empty beaches
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We were allowed to bring our big doggie to Mar Blue a couple of times and Pink Cadillac once. Of course we were out on the patio and it was not very busy. She is very well behaved, she has a rug to lay on and tie her leash to a chair; however we usually do not bring her out to eat with us. On occasion we have found ourselves in a situation where we are hungry and happen to have her with us, and it seems anywhere with a patio will let you bring your dog if it is not to busy. After all, not everyone likes dogs!

As far as activities, big doggie is a lab and LOVES the water. Although she has never quite figured out why it "tastes" funny, she has a blast chasing critters and swimming and, well, just being a dog. Her absolute most favorite thing are the crabs - they do not back down, but they do hide. It is hilarious watching her.
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