Blacklisted Gas Stations

-Est De Ser Las Conchas Who Knew

-Gasol-Octamar on Fremont

-Ser Aepto on the Sonoyta Highway

-Ser Pinacate on Gus Brown Blvd

-Ser Sonora on Benito Juarez


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I have been tempted to carry a 5 liter container and ask them to fill it up just to see. Would have to be calibrated accurately. Yesterday, in a hurry, I payed for 200 pesos, Magna, did not move the gauge needle. That was at the first Pemex on the right going toward Sonoita. I was particularly pissed because I always tip them, which I did.
I most always fuel up at the first Circle K Pemex in Sonoyta on the right before the bridge and/or the Las Conchas Pemex in RP. I keep computerized records of all my fuel costs, usage, and mileage in a car log program and never have I found a measurable difference in MPG.


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I almost always hit the one on corner of Luis Encinas and Boulevard Costero. At least I think thats the street.
Not sure if I have been getting ripped off or not.


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I have fequented the station at Fremont and Sinaloa, which is black listed, I believe, as Octomar. I had the obviously mistaken idea that if the taxis buy there they would know they are not getting shortchanged. I even watch which pumps they prefer.


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As most Mexico travelers know, one trick is to not clear out the total from the car before you. So they add a little to yours and, you pay for both. I haven't seen this in Rocky Point yet, but after a couple lessons at highway Pemexes, I still reflexively always glance over my shoulder to make sure the previous transaction is cleared.