Boat trip to Bird Island to benefit Adopt-A-Classroom


Sonoran Goddess
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Hi kids,
The boat ride to Bird Island to benefit the kids will be Friday, Nov. 29th. Cost is 55 dollars per person paid to Mark on the dock before sailing. The boat is the About Time. Departure is 8 A.M. from Safe Marina. Be there by 7:45. Bring your own food, drinks and snorkel gear. There will be 2 kayaks on board. They need a head count as there is a minimum of passengers in order to sail. RSVP by e-mail, [email protected] or tel. 602 324-9529 from the states or 638 383-4963 from Mexico. It is really a great trip! One time we were in the middle of literally thousands of frolicking dolphins! It was so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes. It's all about the kids and the camaraderie!


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I think Michele has replied for herself, Teri and I - looking forward to a bit of time in the kayak this trip. I drank just enough beers last year to keep me from leaving the boat - I'm telling myself to pace myself better this year :)
I just was checking some of the pics and videos from year - those little seal lions sure are cute!