Border closing news-asking for update?


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Same as the non essential travel ban the US started in March, Mexico isn't stopping anyone from entering.
Penasco is open without major major restrictions as of now. Only a few US border agents have harassed people
about non essential travel to Penasco.
The Non Bike rally was last weekend, saw a 50% drop in people from last year. Bikers still came down.
Penasco added wearing masks in cars and reduced hours in many places, curfew is now 11PM-6AM.

People from the US are still going down, Covid cases are increasing in Penasco currently like many places.
A local friend got Covid at his daughters wedding 10 days ago, out of 40 guests, 10 now have it.

So mask up, stay socially distanced from people, wash up and enjoy Penasco.


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Covid-19 is running the show for now.
Still a good experience in RP, they are just doing more things to screen sick people and keep them away from others.
Wish more was done here in the US.