Border Patrol Agents Treat Multiple Critically Injured Patients on State Route 85


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I'll see how many Idiots are going to pass me tomorrow morning while I drive the whole way at 4-5 mph over the
posted speeds, (only on the open highway areas). Approaching any of the towns during the trip I drive the speed limit.
Especially in Ajo and Sonoyta.

Mexico Joe

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I know the statistics with speed and everyone is correct. There is a direct correlation between speed and severity but speed doesn't create stupid. Basically all of you are saying that speed alone is dangerous but I guess I disagree. If it's an open highway I don't see any reason why you can't drive between 70-80. Other conditions maybe not... speed limit is 75 before Munds Park in Flag but the conditions warrant being more cautious especially at night because of deer which is a variable that can't be controlled. The Cholla Bay elite talk about cows being on the highway between Sonoyta and PP back in the 60's 70's and 80's but I personally on over 100 trips have never come across livestock, deer, anything really. I have come across a few no tail light mexican national situations at night but I run Rigid Pod pencil beams that can shoot easy one mile... figure they're illegal on the highway but more light than GOD and it makes me safer because I can anticipate and react to something I can see. BP has never said anything. Cholla Bay cop pulled me over using them at night a while back which made no sense but got off with warning as if there was an alternative... money bribe for using lights at night?! Mexico... lol When I safely pass you doing 75 please dont hate me. Your and my safety is always my number one priority!


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Theres a big difference when you drive 75+ mph when conditions warrant it vs when it's not. It can be done using common sense.
Last Memorial day on Friday before we were heading down driving 65-70 mph south of Sonoyta,
traffic was getting a bit crazy I had numerous trucks with trailers blow by me, I had an idiot in a Toyota FJ Cruiser
towing a Razer try 4-5x to pass me with a lot of north bound traffic.
He couldn't get enough speed out of it to do it.
He literally expected me to pull over so he could get past me.
After the last pass attempt where he pulled out and almost got hit again,
I looked in my rear view mirror and saw his wife/girl friend screaming and hitting him, needless
to say he never attempted it again, he was still behind me as I turned off at the road to Cholla Bay driving like a normal person.


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There is no doubt that speed increases danger. If you experience a blown out tire at 80MPH and at 40MPH you will know which speed is more dangerous, irrespective of other cars on the road. I just blew out a brake line, total loss of brakes in a second. Fortunately I was going about 15MPH coming out of Las Conchas and was able to stop and nurse the vehicle down to Doug's . If I was going 75 on the highway you could prolly attend a memorial service.