Border Report (July 2, 2020)

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Joe, I missed that post,
Yep the rentals are trying to make up for 4 months of nada. The Fees and cleaning are inflated now.

The days of getting a rental deal are over because the place has to be registered with the City to get approved for sanitizing
and people to use it.
Fee's and taxes add 20%, sanitizing another $30-60, cleaning $35-75, Damage waiver etc add's more.

Lot's of renters were not collecting the taxes and fees before (to attract more renters because their rentals were cheaper without charging the fees)
or collecting it and not paying it to the city. This was happening mucho before, by private owners.
That's over now, Penasco is controlling this to make sure fees and taxes are reported and collected, paid to the city.
Hopefully capitalism prevails and the number of visitors goes down. Less revenue making them rethink their business model. We can only hope...

Mexico Joe

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The bait and switch pricing model is insulting to the consumer. There's a reason they don't list their place for the flat rate, CLICKS.


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I love watching them. My girlfriend and I laugh our asses off because they always ask me for the registration to the jet ski but the best part is that they can never find the serial number tag on the hull itself. So they walk around the jet ski with my registration in their hand but actually reference NOTHING. It's such a GAME for show. Thank you for playing, now tell them what they've won Johnny!!!! 3 days in paradise!!!

I sold my old rims and tires to Villa in Cholla Bay a couple of springs ago when I got new 35's.... Against all odds I was somehow able to get 4 rims and tires (33") through aduana at 1150pm at night.... LOL I had to argue but in the end they gave way and let me pass.

The other good one in recent memory was when I had just received my new registration for the truck in the mail. I had placed the new sticker on the license plate but I left the actual registration slip on the counter in the kitchen before we left. Completely forgot it. Got all the way down there, red light, pull up and she asks for registration per usual. I can't find it. She says we have to turn around she can't let us in the country. I'm like dude, you can clearly see the new sticker on the plate for 2 years.... after arguing and having STEAM come out of my ears she finally let us pass. I was PISSED!!!!!
In long gone years we would always bring our used tires to the launcher guys in Cholla-they would get a few more years out of them. Not any longer with the stricter rule following.


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Mexico has been strict on tires for years.
10-12 years ago, I tried to bring 2 tires for a buddy's SUV in, they said no when they checked my car.
I ended up taking them to the Why gas station to keep until I returned from Mexico.

I ended up swapping out my friends wheels and tires from his SUV to mine (both GM's) and drove back to Phx.
I had the new tires installed and drove back 2 weeks later and did the swap out again.

The trip to Phx with my buddy's old worn out tires was one shaky, scary trip, I guess tire balancing is an option in Mexico
that he didn't want done when he bought the tires used.