Caribbean Parrot

Last night I went to the Caribbean Parrot to hear "trop rock" singer Mark Mulligan.

I'm not adverse to donating to a charity and/or spending money for good food. However, the house had a special (and limited) menu. I paid $12.00 USD for cold meatless nachos, and Dos Equis was $3.50 a pop. There was no beer on draft.

I enjoy hearing Mark Mulligan, but the food was the worst I've had and our server seemed not to know what he was doing.

Perhaps the house raised the prices to cover Mulligan's fee, but I would rather have been charged a cover and have decent food at a reasonable price. There was also a "suggested donation" bucket for $10.00 at the door.

Last year when I heard Mulligan at the same venue there was a regular menu (sans-serif the inflated pricing). I won't be returning...:(
My American Visitor I do not recommend this place to eat, I myself worked there and I left because of how bad they run their business, so called chefs are Not Chefs and Waiter seriously never know what the hell to do, Prices are High for low quality food and Beer and Liquor prices are rediculous. Also they do not maintain a clean environment,..1/2 out of 5 stars for them,... I have lived her for 5 yrs and have worked at several places and Im Just giving you guys a Heads Up on this place.


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When I was up there memorial , the name had changed? Can't remember what it is. We went before to listen to Mark Mulligan. You are right Krazy 89 the drinks were bad.


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I never saw it open unless Mark Mulligan was playing there, but yeah, I think its changed hands and has a new name now, still didn't see it open.