CFE Electric Rates

Greetings, any owners out there ( in Rocky Point) that can share a copy of their latest CFE bill or can share the electric rates that CFE is charging? I'd like to compare with rates here in AZ. PM me please. Thank you. -Rob
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Mx uses a tiered-useage rate system, usually billed every 2 months, that changes from winter to summer, so comparing rates will be tough. The system is designed to ensure low-user locals pay much less per kwh . Essentially: the first few 100 kwh are very cheap. The next level of maybe 500 KWH is maybe double. The next level over 600 KWH hurts. Into the next category you want to shoot yourself! My number levels are my best guess, but may be now out of wack. In winter, all the numbers change.

Mexico has special lower rates for cities they consider in the hot areas. Penasco has applied to join that club, but been denied for the last 10 years. It might be we have too many gringos able to pay whatever they charge.
My CFE rates during Summer are under 10 cents per KW average. I have never hit the 3rd tier high rate yet.
Last July's bill was 928 pesos using 994 KW's About $50 at 18-1.
The 1st 600KW are .067 pesos per KW.
The 2nd tier 600-2000? KW are .84 pesos per KW. ( I'm pretty sure it's 2000KW)
The 3rd tier, 2000+ I believe is around 2.5-3 pesos per KW.
This is from my July 2022 bill, so it might be more this year.

Rates during winter are more because you have a 150KW for tier 1, 400-600 for tier 2. I've never hit tier 3 during winter.
Winter rates are 1st of Oct to the end of March.