Christmas Trip in the Books


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The border coming in wasn't to bad. Had to check in all the quads and trailer etc. Took about 20 minutes. After the donation stop it was clear road the rest of the way in.

Once we got into town I was kinda bumbed that they seemed to have the same stretch of road torn up again that was torn up this time last year. It was done when we came in november. So after sharking through the back streets we made it to the condos at noon.

After unloading I got my dad out on the quad and let him tool around a bit getting used to it. After a little while I took him on a mini tour that went out to the wind turbine and so on. It was very nice.
My other sister was running late, little kids having to stop every 60 miles and so on. After she arived we took the kids out on the quads while they unloaded. I will post some pictures in the proper section.

After the sun wet down we made a Cristmas dinner of baked riggatoni and meatballs with salad and garlic bread. Nieces and nephew opened gifts. We burned a fire and the day slowly quietly came to an end.

First thing in the morning I was up ready to go fishing. The tide was already receding and I had to hit 3 different shops to get bait. Got a few bites but skunked. Because of many factors it would be the only time I had a line in the whole trip... :(
As a side note, I never eat breakfast if I can help it especialy eggs. It knocks me out and slows me down.

So I get back to the condo and now everyone is up. Time to make breakfast and feed 10 people. I was pushing them to hurry up so we can chase the tide out and go looking for clams. The tide was going to be fully out by 11:20.... We finaly arived in Cholla Bay at 12:20... Windy, cold, no luck on clams but we found a lot of Mussels which brought everyones energy back up. Had a drink at JJ'S and headed back to clean and purge Mussels.

Around 4 everyone is hungry and want.... You guessed it, Tacos. They want to go to the same damn places over and over so I went with wife, dad and sister with the little ones to Jilz. Review in the restaurant section. Had a drink. It was so cold. I more or less wanted to lay down and get warm. The guys started jagger red bulls around 4... After much pressure we go to Boo Bar around 8.

After getting a second wind the drinks started flowing. Although they were drinking 3 to every 1 I had we closed the Boo Bar and went to Chabellas....and finally some other place down from there I forget the name.
The Bad. My brother in law and his buddy are the ugly Americans. I am a very calm person when I drink. They get batshit crazy. After introducing me to people they have known for over 20 years, their "friends", and practicing my Spanish with them I quickly realized that they just tolerated these guys for all these years becuse they throw so much money around. These guys knew that I recognized that and gave me heart felt hugs at the end of the night. But before that happed these jagoffs knocked my wife down three times, once into some tables and chairs. I was pissed, it was accidental and she was ok but they basically repressented everything I hate about the ugly American acting like animals. I believe the locals felt a little different about my wife and I, we danced and had in general a very good time...$500 later... Sheesh.
Get home at 2am, hang over, no getting up and going fishing for me.
At around 1pm I finally feel my feet under me and everyones hungry... For Tacos.. Omg people lol. Well wife, dad and buddy decide to go to Mary's, dad had not been there. Got the platter, great as always. But to the suggestion of our buddy my wife decides to have a bloody mary to help with hang over... Her choice but that was it for her. The fun stopped there. Drove the quad around the Malecon and to the old pier. Went back to condo and her trip was over.
That night we steamed, shucked and made a chowder with the mussels that was great, the recipe and pics are in the general section in the recipe thread.

The guys went out again, iron stomaches I guess.

Got up Sunday and wanted to go find Pelican point since I didn't have a chance. Man it was cold, I almost turned back. Even with long thermal and 2 jackets with gloves.

Found my way to a little dead end overlooking the water and a nice woman explained to me that the 4 houses were referred to as The 4 Aces. Found my way down to Tucson beach and to the left what I believe was Pelican point. She had said someone the day before was catching 1 for every 3 casts right in front of her property....grrrr. Lol.

So I get back and get stuff ready to load. Every one gets up and wants breakfast. So we went to Anita and Jesus's I liked the place, the salsa was so so but the rest of the food and service was very good. While waiting for food I went outside with my nephew (he is 3 and a pain in the ass) and while outside strike up a conversation with a man outside. Another chance to practice some Spanish.
He asked where we were from and turns out an old friend of his started a landscaping business here in Mesa after converting to.... You know, them. But he said that this was 15 years ago and his friend wont return to visit. It was upsetting. His resoning was it was todangerous. It is his home town and he is scared to come back.

Turns out the man I was talking to was the owner of the place, Jesus.
We talked for atleast an hour about the good the bad and the ugly. He and I both agreed that we love the old slow neighborhoods of PP.
It was an emmotional event and we hugged and wished each other well and a Happy New Year.

After loading up and finishing details at the condo, we hit the road.

There were 2 cars in front of us at the border, 5 minutes talking to the agent and back in the U.S.
Made it home around 6:30.

Final thoughts, next time down just needs to be the wife and I. Not to be selfish but there are always issues that pop up, but in a large group it can compound those issues.
But I feel like it's my home away from home and look forward to seeing all the new people I met. I made connections with people that make it more and more comfortable to be down there everytime. Even a less than productive trip down is a great experience. Already mulling over what I want to do and questions I need answered for the next trip down.

Sorry so long but I tried... Lol.
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