Coastal Highway - What do you think?

Coastal highway guide, want it?

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Hello all,

Just a quick opinion poll, what do you all think about having a mile-by-mile coastal highway guide? For the new coastal highway starting in Penasco and ending in San Luis and maybe going further.

Would you support it? Or would it not matter to you? Or would you be against it?
I think something has already been put together but I could refine, add to it, and re-post it here on the forums for everyone possibly a sticky or I don't know. Anyways just let me know :)


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I'm actually planning a little side trip up to El Golfo de Santa Clara on Monday or Tuesday, can't wait to see those ocean views from the Costera highway! Any tips? I know there's a restaurant about 15 miles outside of town...


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Good idea. I drove over to San Luis last week on the new highway. Both legs were great. 94 peso toll on the new highway from just north of El Golfo to just east of San Luis.


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Highway,just past Laguna Shores was being used as a landing strip last week for a small plane. Traffic was stopped both directions by armed men saying there was an accident ahead.


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I heard one said accident today leaving Rp. (North) Two children hurt and adult RIP. I hope it is not at the circle. I can not understand the number of crashes at this circle. "Too confusing" who has the right of way????
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My workers said they weren't in uniform We work in Lopez Aceves which is km 19 this happened just past Laguna Shores which is probably about km7. All of the dirt roads in Lagrimas and Lopez that were wide enough to handle a small plane have had big speed bumps built into them designed to flip a landing plane also the wide dirt road on the north side of Estero Morua east of the oyster farms has been bermed.
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