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I’m participating in a clinical trial of the Pfizer vaccine. It is a messenger RNA that encodes production of the spike protein, which your body then produces antibodies against. You are not exposed to actual virus or the complete viral genome. I have my second and final shot in three weeks. it is a randomized double blind trial with half of the participants receiving a placebo. A few weeks after the second shot I will run my own antibody test and determine my vaccination status. I was negative for antibodies in a test at my primary care office a few days before enrolling in the study. Several other studies are underway in the US involving a total of ca. 100,000 participants.

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Interesting article on AstraZeneca's vaccine trial

AstraZeneca's second COVID-19 vaccine volunteer develops neurological disease

According to The New York Times, a second volunteer developed a disease that could be myelitis; the pharmacist ensures that there is no conclusive evidence

According to the American newspaper The New York Times, a second volunteer who tests the vaccine against COVID-19 from the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca presented an "unexplained" neurological disease. No obstaclente, the company ensures that there is no evidence to support a relationship between the disease and the vaccine.

According to The New York Times, sources related to the tests of the vaccine developed jointly by the University of Oxford indicate that the patient developed transverse myelitis, the same condition that allegedly developed a first volunteer who became ill.

Myelitis is a neurological disease that causes inflammation of the spinal cord, causing weakness in the arms, legs, and problems with the intestines and bladder.

AstraZeneca and Oxford University's vaccine trials were suspended after the first suspected case of inoculation-associated myelitis. However, after reviews by health authorities it was determined that there was no relationship between the vaccine and the disease, so the trials were resumed.

Despite the ruling, Mark Slifka, a vaccine expert at Oregon Health and Sciences University, told the New York Times that the illness of a second volunteer is a red flag.

"If there are two cases, it is a dangerous pattern," he told the US newspaper. "If a third case of neurological disease arises in the group where the vaccine is being tested, it may be the end of the project."

The vaccine developed by AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford is one of the most advanced projects to achieve a preventive drug for COVID-19. The project is in the final phase of clinical trials - known as Phase 3.


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The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines use a messenger RNA that encodes for producing Covid spike protein but no actual viruses are involved. AstraZeneca uses a primate virus with a modified genome. Bet on the mRNA vaccines.