Credit /Debit Cards

Bob Oso

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Just wanted to see what everyone use's for a credit card in RP. I'm just not comfortable using our Chase Bank Debit card. Would like one separate from my US banking account that can be loaded with funds then charged on until empty. Should I just be using the ones they sell at the check out line of the grocery store?


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I use peso's cash for most everything under $100.

I use Capitol One debit card for ATM withdrawals (no foreign transaction fees). (There are a few other Debit cards without the foreign fee)
I use the Banamex ATM's in Super Ley, Sam's, Walmart or Super Norte store, fee is 30.74 pesos.

And use my no foreign fee Chase or Capitol one CC for big purchases.

If there is anything fishy about a CC charge, I have never had an issue getting it corrected.
You are getting a great exchange rate around 20 vs the 18 most places will give you.

Just have them total your charge in Peso's.


Capital One Quicksilver CC- 1.5% cash rebate on all purchases, no FTF.
Sams Club Mastercard- 5% cashback for gasoline, 3% for dining/restaurants, no FTF.
Fidelity Core account debit card for ATM transactions (used for pesos)- all ATM fees rebated to account.