Crucero liquor store


Sonoran Goddess
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What happened? It is knocked down. I always sent people there to buy their beer and bottles. SMH.


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Have they gone out of business or are they remodeling? They have really cut down on their inventory the past few years. They stopped selling cold beer. I think the owner of Cosmos Pharmacy owns Crucero. What is going on? I loved this place back in the day.

Is Cosmos Pharmacy knocked down and gone also?


Lovin it in RP!
Only Crucero is under construction on that end of the complex, the other end has been changing too of late. It is modernization for sure nothing to worry about here, business is good.


El Pirata
Never shopped at crucero, super lay have best prices and exchange rate, break your hundreds there and no worries about skimmers and money not coming out of the atm.