DeFrente is on the case.



Happy been there done that... I ate Seri Stew {dog} with the Seri's. And still came home with my dog.
They like 'Pero Azteca" its a hairless dog that runs around waiting to be stewed


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InkaRoads said:
I wonder if something has been done about the fence? since it is an older article from a few month back, at least for the area nearest to the wetlands and open the oyster farm!!! I remmember when it was 2 bucks a dozen and I was not a oyster eater, after the first 3 dozens ....well I guess it is history now!!!! sounds familiar....... :eek3:
we were at all 3 oyster farms in june and they were all open.


Jeff said:
we were at all 3 oyster farms in june and they were all open.
One thing I learned from the locals was to never eat shellfish in the month that do not have a "R" in their name, as is the case with June, well there is only 4: May, June, July and August due to the high temps of the water and bacteria grows faster and the shellfish holds it the longest, needless to say you are not guaranty a slow and painfull death of food poisoning but the chances are greater. :eek: :eek: :eek:


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I've heard that too. I only had a half dozen that were soaked in lime juice and salsa picante mariscos. I mainly ate the Ceviche'........good schtuff! :cool: