Dentist recommendation - 2022


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Any current recommendations for a good dentist in Peñasco? I’d like to find someone who doesn’t try to “upsell” you into unnecessary procedures.


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Thanks for suggesting Dr. Estrada! I hope this doctor will help me restore my teeth. I think it's always a good idea to do your research and read reviews from other patients before making an appointment.
Also, what do you think about getting white fillings instead of traditional silver amalgam fillings? They're a great option if you want to maintain the natural appearance of your teeth since they're designed to blend in seamlessly. I think it might be a cool option for me even though it's quite costly. It's the first time I need to get my teeth restored and I still don't know what to choose.

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Estrada is your best choice IMHO. Not at all pricy and good. Old metal fillings are out for several reasons. Ask for his opinion and price, You will be pleased.