English speaking doctors for injured knee?


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I'm trying to decide to see a doctor here or wait until December when we are back in Tucson. I believe I may have a torn meniscus. My knee is very swollen, and I can barely bend it.

Tried ice three times a day, and after four days now, no improvement.

Any suggestions concerning English speaking doctors here in Rocky Point who specialize in knees?


Terry C

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You might try the following. But if I was you I wouldn't mess with it as it might cause more problems down the road.
Dr. Gonzalez Sandy Beach Urgent Care(Formerly ONE STOP Medical Clinic)(638) 388-7676 Costero boulevard Col. Sandy Beach
(where the Acropolis project used to be)

WebMD notes,
Conservative treatment — such as rest, ice and medication — is sometimes enough to relieve the pain of a torn meniscus and give the injury time to heal on its own. In other cases, however, a torn meniscus requires surgical repair.


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We have used that doctor. Great service for minor things such as blood sugar check, problem with an insulin pen that wouldn't dispense and needed syringes.


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You will need an MRI to determine the extent of your injury. If you have crappy insurance like most do these days you can get one in AZ for $325 cash up front.


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Dr Juan Fernando Dominguez Garcia ( Dr Dominguez) GP, 638-105-3298 Santa Fe Clinic on Sinaloa ( Not the hospital but the clinic side) speaks english and can refer you to specialists cost of consultaion is $40.00 US