Fishing report, 6-09, thru 6-14


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Met some great Folks on Sunday, Lady Jeeper, AZBeachboy and Wife Valerie, and Kenny on Sunday the 8th. Headed out fishing with Kenny and Chuck on the 9th. Kennys' report sums it up, thanks for the compliment Kenny!

The weather was not conducive for heading out the next several days (wind and 4' whitecapping swells=lots of fuel and pounding), but by Thursday my son and I had to get out. Ocean was still rough so we headed out that afternoon in our 14 foot inflatable with an 8 hp outboard. This boat rides up and down the swells like a roller coaster instead of pounding through em'. In these conditions we stay within 5 miles of shore, but nonetheless we still brought back 8 gulf groupers, up to 18# and lost half a dozen others. At times we had double hookups. ?"Nothin' like the sound of a Penn Screamin!'"

We went out again in the larger boat on Saturday, had a hard time making bait, (small yellowtail) and drew a blank at the reefs we hit. Calm weather and smooth seas and a beautiful sunset made for a great ride in.

Pictures soon.