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We are closing on our house this Thursday. One of the requirements is that we stop at the border and get an FMM that shows we are in Mexico for business reasons. I read I could get the tourist card as well as pay for it on line. I was able to fill out the form and print it out, but couldn't find anywhere to pay for it. There was no link or place to enter credit card info,

A few questions..does anyone know how to find the link to pay exists..and if it doesn't..My understanding is that we have to get the paperwork stamped at the border and even though we have been coming to RP for 20 years I have no idea where the immigration office is..I'm guess just past the border entrance somewhere, and also I read that we have to go get some additional paperwork at the immigration office, then go to a bank to pay, then bring the receipt back to the immigration office to get the paperwork stamped. Does this all seem right? I guess I'm lazy and want to avoid the hassle.


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Last I knew immigration office is on the right as you cross the border. Park your car and walk back to it. You can get your paperwork there and also pay for it. Don't forget to turn it in when you leave mexico (before the due date).


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I did it to renew my Bank Trust last year. Pretty simple.

Go through checkpoint, pull over to right, walk back to checkpoint. Let people know what you want to do and they will direct you to a little adjacent office
They will likely have to go chase down someone to man the office. Bring your form, a lot of different bills as they don't have any change, wait for the furious stamping of forms and head out on your way.


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Yes those are good directions. It is very very easy. No stress. You do not need to take the form you have. They will quickly and efficiently process your Tourist visa in the computer there. They will ask business or tourist. You can pay there no need to cross over to the bank. Will take all of 15 minutes.