Found a great Panaderia


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I stumbled upon this great Panaderia,
Panaderia Artesanal “La Tapatia

Been around since 1950. They bake everything in a wood fired oven.
Sweet stuff comes out of the oven around 11:30am and the Bolito's rolls come out around 12:40pm.

The very best Bolito's I've ever had, 9 pastry breads and 6 Bolitos came to 98 pesos.
He does 1 batch per day which is sold out by 1:30pm. The 2 times I've been by there there was a line waiting to get inside.

Both times I bought fresh still hot Bolitos. Location is 1 street west of the rail road tracks and 6 blocks north of Calle 13, school across the street on the east side. Building is 3 buildings north of the Fruiteria or 5 houses, North of the hotel on the corner south of it.
It's green sided building with the entrance on side of house in their yard, There is a neon Open sign lit up when it's ready.
He closes mid June until Sept when the weather turns nasty
Here is the Google maps link, Enjoy!!“La+Tapatia”/@31.3164036,-113.5442738,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x812ba54ec744944d:0x2518fddd9dbc49d2!8m2!3d31.315203!4d-113.542111
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We only saw 2 cute cats, wish we would have found this place years ago. I had my local friend with me and he was amazed
at how good their breads are, Even he didn't know about it and he's lived here 30 years.
They were out of the empanadas and almost everything else when we got there at 12:15.
We waited 15 minutes for the Bolitos to come out along with 5 other people.