Gas can / tank


I’m sure this gas been covered but I couldn’t find it the dang previous threads : I have an auxiliary diesel gas tank in the back of my pick up. Can I Cross ok ? 2. I have an off road vehicle with gas in the tank. Can I cross OK ?
You obviously know that you are asking for trouble going either way across the border.

Think of every scenario possible and they will certainly pull a fast one on you.
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Had some friends last year that had an extra tank. They made him turn around. He sat in the parking lot selling gas for $2 a gallon to get rid of it!!
I had two five gallon jerry cans on the side of my Jeep on a trailer. The Mexicans sent me back to FUSA then the FUSA customs told my that I couldn't bring gasoline in containers into the FUSA!

I dumped them out there in the gravel in Lukeville before they caught on then got back in line into Mehico!
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