Gofundme to purchase student books in Spanish ?.


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At Christmas this past year a local friend of mine told me in amazement" Do you know what my teenage daughter wants for Christmas" I guessed some clothes or jewelry. She retorted "NO, she wants a book! Just a book of her own read. " No public library here with books to check out and none at the secondaria school she attends. The bookstore in the Malecon was still open and we searched there and Sam's Club who offers a fair selection. We found one appropriate and she was delighted.

Recently while visiting Mexicali I came across a bookstore, a huge one. I purchased The Diary of Ann Frank for the Novia's 9 year old sister's birthday. A risky gift for an average 9 year old girl. She loves it and reads it whenever she can. She took it to school to show her teacher who asked if she could borrow it to rad when she finishes it. Again no library to lend books at school or otherwise.

What to do???


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I have taken a lot of books to the Newspaper. I just got a request for science text books in English. So I am working on that. I know we are trying to get children's books at the newspaper. RPT has been great about all the books I have collected and brought down.
We have been looking for a dictionary ( large print where we don't have to strain eyes to read ! ) Spanish to English or visa versa for awhile now, can't find one, anyone have any ideas, ?