Going to Puerto Penasco Weekend Before Christmas to Fish... Advice on Travel? Fly Fishing...


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You asked about roads to Puerto Lobos. Unless there's been unusual weather, a Subaru should make it just fine. But I'd suggesting not trying to do Lobos if you're only down for a weekend. It's 2 hours each way. Closer to Rocky Point - like a half hour drive - is La Pinta estuary which someone mentioned earlier. You'll probably catch some kind of fish there if the tide is coming in. Take the road to Santo Tomas/Desemboque/Puerto Lobos and turn off at the old house ruin near Kilometer marker 32. Consider taking along a portable air compressor as you might need to reduce rear tire pressure to about 10 lbs. That goes for almost anywhere near any beach - not just La Pinta - and even for pulling off the highway. You likely won't need it if you're careful, but better to be prepared.


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Audsley -
Yes! Good point, almost makes me want to drive the jeep just in case, but man, that'll be a brutal drive. We have air compressors in all the vehicles, but excellent suggestion. Chances are we will stick close by for the first trip and get a feel for things, but man I'd love to drive the coast and spend a week down there seeing what we can run into. I just want to make sure we are with in the laws/etiquette as far as where we go and what we drive on. Living in a tourist town, there's nothing worse than having someone from out of the area do what ever they feel like simply because they're on vacation.
I didn't know we could drive on the beach and am rather unfamiliar with what is considered public access points along the coast, so I'll be playing it safe until we have a better grasp on things.

Thanks for the directions to La Pinta, if the weather is poor, or we find ourselves with a few hours to kill I'll definitely check it out.

Thank you!


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When the tide goes out on these sandy beaches there are many small 'estuaries' created along the beach. Often bottled in by close in structues which revealed when there is a big tide swing. easy to walk out a bit and fish over the structure.



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No those pools are too shallow for anything big enough to fish for but they can present some information about what is going on in the adjoining deeper water with the trapped small fishes..


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Hey Roberto!

Got back last night. The drive went easy. About 12 hours with all the stops. we took our time.

The trip was excellent. No issues, great food... no fish. Well, that's not true. I snagged a few minnows while running my clouser through some bait balls. I did have a few follow ups, but they were small. Not sure what they were, but they appeared to be small pompano.

We fished the evening we got there, right in front of the hotel, which was Penasco del Sol. The following day we walked about two miles towards the jetty until we had some space to ourselves. It was a casual affair, with not having much time, but I did get a good feel for the place which was the goal.

It was a bit too touristy for us, as I am not used to taking those types of vacations but under the circumstances, we figured it would make sense to score a hotel the first time and have walking access to restaurants.

We left Monday morning about 8 and cruised over towards Playa Encanto to check out a few VRBO's as I am wanting to get a place that way next time. Probably off Avenida Viento de Mar.

Crossing back was a non issue. We had about four cars ahead of us and made it through after about a fifteen second check of our passports and a check of our cooler.

Here's a few shots of the trip.















Thanks for helping me out Roberto, and the other members. I hope you all had a fine Christmas.



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That sounds like a plan. Hoping to make it down to Puerto Lobos for a few days as well the next time around.

I'll keep ya'all posted.