GoPro accesories, where to buy while in Rocky Point

Hi, I just got to Rocky Point today and I found that I forgot my accessories bag for my Nikon and GoPro cameras, I can leave without the Nikon for this trip but I'll really need to buy a handle for my GoPro, I went to Coppel and Sam's club with no success, any advise will be greatly appreciated! thanks. Tony.


If you can’t find a handle, make one. Cut the end off a broom handle and find a way to mount it to the GoPro. Mexican ingenuity!
That's what I'm fixing to do, I was able to find a selfie stick for regular cell phones and I have the smart remote for the camera, I have zip ties in my truck and I'll see what I can come up with tomorrow, thank you for the tip!
You are prolly out of luck. I know of no other stores possible here. Maybe someone else knows .
I was able to find a selfie stick today at coppel, I'll see what can I do to get it running, thanks for your input!
Dear Have you tried to buy from an online store? if no I suggest you check on ReeCoupons because I don't have any idea about rocky points, so it's better to buy from any online store instead to go anywhere.