Here's the Form for bringing in your ATV, Moped, Motorcycle, Trailer, Cart, or Boat


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This really is important for Rocky Point Bike Rally Patrons who bring their bikes on trailers or on their trucks, no problem for riding their m/c
through the border... Uhh! I can see the future... everyone unloading their toys at gringo pass to drive across and loading them up for the remainder of the trip
after they cross probably at circle k/pemex


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Went down Thursday afternoon with an ATV and 2 small coolers in the back of the pickup. Got the red light for the first time in months. They asked for the registration to the pickup and the ATV. Didn't have a registration for the ATV, but did have the title. No problems with either. The looked in the coolers, but didn't find any problems. We didn't have much, only the hard to find stuff like coffee creamer, half & half, etc. Did have some chicken, but it had the USDA stamp. Had a couple of bottles of wine, and a bottle of liquor. No problems with anything & we were on our way in 5 minutes. Crossing the border with ATV's, food items & coolers, & small amounts of liquor is not a problem if you follow the basic simple guidelines.


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Also to note for all you ATV and bike-week patrons...

I've seen them acting wierd about people bringing in extra gasoline in portable containers - If you have to transport high octane racing fuel that is not available down there, then it would be best to know how to explain that in spanish (or have a written spanish statement prepared).

The last couple trips across the line I was actually asked if my boat's gas tank was full or empty - I told them I always tow it as empty as possible to save weight.

Just FYI- it might be better to take your plastic fuel jugs across empty, and then fill them down there. It's cheaper that way, as well.

If you have any reservations about "mexican gas" then let me put your mind to rest - the gas down there from Pemex is no lower in quality than what we burn up here.


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I have been turned around and sent back across the border due to having a 5 gal jug of race gas. They get really wound up about that. I sold the gas to the guy at the gas station for his sand car. Now, I fill the ATV's as full as I can get them, and then add Mexican premium gas if needed. As Robert said, the Pemex gas is good, and it doesn't have ethanol added like US gas.

Got sent back for having 4 ATV's and only 3 people one time too! One per person...period. Another time they sent me back for having too much firewood, another no-no. Then there was the time we had way too much beer. "Go back to America, NOW!" So, learn from my mistakes. It's kind of embarrassing when you have to explain to the American BP agents that you have been sent home. "Where are you coming from?" "Uh, right over there!"


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So they haven't changed the rules on gasoline, it was that way 20 years ago when Mexican gas was terrible.
Even using the premium back then would cause my small SUV to ping going up a hill.
Times have changed their gas is decent now, I bet I sold or gave away 100 gallons of US premium during all the times I was sent back.

Now I only smuggle propane back into the USA, cost for 4.5 gallons in US $20-24, But only $8 in RP.


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Just got back from Lobos . They never asked for titles on 2 quads we had and never looked in 2 coolers. We got green light and still got pulled over. All they asked was if we had veggies or fruit,Of course we don't. Leigh

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Sounds like my little jet ski is clear to fish without a permit. Less than the 14'7"

Is this just a re awakening of the old law or what?


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Although this sounds all very arbitrary it's the same coming back into the US. They kinda decide who to ask about things and who not too. We came back Tuesday and the Federales just waved us through, then stopped the next car and did a complete search. One time we were coming back and US customs checked our cooler and fund 2 pieces of bacon and I got (and I promise I am not exaggerating) a 10 minute lecture on how I could be fined $10,000 etc etc. It seems real hit or miss both ways to me.


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I have much better luck with the Mexican border officers than I do with the Americans. It seems that going in either direction you can come across someone having a bad day and now your day may be a little tough.


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I have much better luck with the Mexican border officers than I do with the Americans. It seems that going in either direction you can come across someone having a bad day and now your day may be a little tough.
All part of the adventure, and there have been some good ones!