Hotel room and barfight at La Caba/Arturos mid 80's


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There used to be a hotel/bar right behind the Senorial. I stayed there ONCE!
LOL! The toilet was plumbed with boiling hot water! We went down to the bar to dance and in walks the prettiest tranny I have ever seen. I said to my boyfriend, boy I just hate it when they are prettier that me...... A half hour later a big fight broke out between her and a man. It went from zero to chairs flying everywhere in a couple of seconds and the fight was between us and the door. Those of you who remember Arturos remember those little round windows...... Yes, I managed to squeeze out one with a little help from my boyfriend.... LOL! We were driving away when the police came down the street. That was my strangest weekend in PP! LOL!


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Yeah, I remember that night, it was back in my Drag days. The guy kept pinching me and then grabbed my crotch, that's what set the fight off. He just freaked out, disappointed I guess. I whupped his butt good.