Import taxes

Lauren bosmeny

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Does anyone know the dollar value of goods you are allowed to import into Mexico without using a broker? Also, what is the per person $ exemption when you cross. Thanks!


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When I furnished my Bella unit many years ago, the guy that hauled all my stuff down did all the paperwork. He picked it up from my garage in Green Valley and took it down. I met him at the unit and they unloaded everything. Now you know how old Bella is, so you won't pass out when I tell you I paid him $200 plus the taxes.


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Earlier this year $ 300.00 per person is the limit of declared value that is not subject to a duty. The total per vehicle I believe is $ 1,000.00, and if you are bringing in more than $ 3,000.00 you will need to hire a customs broker/importer in Mexico. There a couple of importers just across the border.