Inshore Report 6/13 - 6/20


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Enjoyed a weeklong vacation with great weather. I don’t thim I ever has a week lng stay with the weather as pleasant as far as the wind goes. Apparently I left just in time…. Since I am slowly acquiring a sting ray phobia I invested in a float tube to give it whirl and keep my feet off the floor where those little devils lurk. I figured I would either love it or hate it. It worked better than I imagined. Here is a pick of my Killa Float tube with my customized rod holders.

Over the course of the week when I was not on the boat I caught at least 6-7 grouper a day. Mostly juvenile Gulfs with the occasional Leopard and Baqueta. I am not sure if this was due to a good healthy population or just getting out there a little further along with using a different lure. Anyways it was nice seeing so many of them with hopes of seeing them a few years down the road off of the deeper reefs. Most of them were of the 2lb variety with an occasional 5lb in the mix. I did get hit really hard by what I believe was a grouper of the larger variety but I muscled him a little too hard for my 12lb line and lost him.
I usually load up on Corvina but they were scarce with only one landed or they did not like my lures. I went from using metal to an actual lure designed for bass. I was throwing metal at times but the hits were far and few in between. No firsts for me near shore. I did catch some type of fish off the boat that looked like a cross between a grouper and an eel. I may look for help to ID it later in the week once I get the picture and If I can’t ID it from MexFish. Overall a great week.


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Leaving tomorrow myself....low 90s compared to 101 in Bowie...hard to beat....
Lol, we are heading back Tomorrow into a cooler day... Will only be 106.... Then 110 on Tuesday. We Left 115. Lol.
I can't get into my trip report but I have a lot to post. In short, one of our best visits yet!
The fishing was great from shore.


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Reckon those seaquilizers will start flying off the shelves once the panga fishermen hear about them?