JJ's Cantina re-opening


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Today the new owners of JJ's had their soft opening. It's a nice long needed update to the old JJ's.
It finally has A/C in the main bar area.
A few of the employees from the old place are still working there. Cesar especially.
Cholla Bay seemed pretty quiet during it's shut down during the huge remodel.
Don't worry it still has some of the old charm and dark tones of the previous JJ's and I was told it combines some of the old menu with
many new items added to the new menu.
Randy one of the owners said it will always be a place to grab a beer and eat some tacos, so it's not going to be a Wrecked II, hopefully.


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Yeah, Naomi and I went Thursday for the opening, it was nice. It was also cool that Joe the original owner of JJ's was there enjoying it too, he told me he loves it!