Las Conchas Guard Casita History


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So, is this problem unique to Las Conchas or are the other beach communities experiencing a dramatic uptick in thievery? Can you ride a quad on the playa in Encanto or Miramar? I will now set my alarm when I go to the Playa. Are there still guard casetas in those other communities?
Beaches at Miramar and Dorada (not sure about Encanto) are off limits to vehicles.


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Who enforces the restriction there???
Outside of some residents who run interference, no one. By "off limits," I mean the HOAs prohibit driving on the beach (except for boat launching) -- which admittedly is about as effective as, say, pick-up-after-your-dog signs at a dog park. Some offenders are, however, respectful upon learning of it.

Terry C

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Present by means of this letter and in compliance with the current covenants and codes in this municipality which are of general observance, we inform you that it is prohibited the circulation of vehicles on the beaches only with the exception of the strictly necessary to do beach clean up activities, launch and land private recreation watercraft that are not commercial or for profit.assured that compliance with the above.
I am cordially at your orders.
the director of public safety
cmdte. ramon gildardo parra elias
c.c.p. mayor for your knowledge
c.c.p. secretary of the city, for the same purpose