lease or purchase car in mexico?


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My daughter will be taking a 1 year job in Mexico city. She wants to meet us in PP and lease or buy a car. Are there any used car lots or dealers in PP or will we need to travel to Hermosillo? I do remember Buffalo rentals there but don't know if they lease long term. Thank You all.


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No new car dealers in Penasco. Caborca is closest for new. There is another car rental agency, USave east off Benito Juarez just after the crucero, Do not know if they do long term lease/rentals. Be sure to read the contracts carefully. I have rented from both. Check for liability of repair in case of an accident. Contract terms are different.

There is a small lot with used cars for sale on the west side of Benito Juarez close to the Base Ball stadium. Just a dirt lot with chain link. You have to call him and he will meet you, His cars are all imported but maybe not National and generally fairly nice but more expensive . There are also several areas of the city where you will find used cars for sale parked along the road. Most of the cars for sale along the road are offered by 'dealers'. and not Imported. They are cars brought in from the US, most damaged and repaired for sale here. Mexicali/San Luis is the hotspot for this. Most of the cars for sale have in excess of 100k miles on the speedo and should be checked out with a mechanic. Check the VIN for stolen cars on the internet also !!!

You can buy a US TItled car and import it. There are restrictions on what years of manufacture vehicles can be imported as a National car. You will need a National title to drive in DF. There are agencies at the border who will do that . Costs $1,000 plus last I knew.

You should explore the regulations for who can drive what car and where before you buy. Nationals cannot legally drive a US registered car unless they have the same last name as the name on the US registration and maybe a US Driver License. Non Nationals cannot drive a Mex registered car without the proper immigration status. There are at least two types of imported registrations with different restrictions. There may be more to this than I know.

It is all quite complicated. If your daughter has a US Passport and Driver's License best to buy in the US and keep US registration. She will need the temporary importation sticker which you can now get in Penasco. I believe she can drive that legally anywhere any time.

The real question is why would anyone want to drive a car in DF ???? nuts!!

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Very good info Roberto! 100% agree about the chaos that is Mexico City traffic- its not for the weak of heart...

Also, I don't have exact details but on top of everything Roberto mentions, I know that the DF has additional controls regarding which cars are allowed to circulate inside the city due to smog and congestion concerns. I just had a friend tell me a horror story of being shaken down multiple times inside the city due to his licence plate not being one of the "permitted" ones for that day. There is some type of alternating system that tells you which days you can drive and which days you can't.

As I said, I don't have the exact details but it is another variable to consider...


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Thank you for all the info! Love this forum.
Was in DF and Cuernavaca a couple months ago for 10 days.

Uber-ed everywhere.

Took a couple buses also.

Liked Uber so much, went from Cuernavaca to DF via Uber.

Smooth, same price as bus pretty much with two passengers.

Her job might require a car; but maybe suggest to her giving local transport a try before leasing if it is not a necessity ? Not sure what others thoughts may be regarding a young lady and the ride sharing services in Mexico.

Congrats to your daughter on her job/adventure !