Let's get out on the water 5/4-5/7 or 5/7-5/10?


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Is anyone going fishing next week? My wife and I will be in town (either the 4th through the 7th, the 7th through the 10th, or perhaps the entire week, if money allows) and would like to share the expenses of a fishing trip.

So the plan is to do either a full- or a half- day fishing trip, and we are looking to either join a private charter or simply make a group to help alleviate expenses so that there's more money for cervezas or "cuba libres" !!
get it? (cuba or "q-ba" libres)

My wife and I come about once or twice a year, and on our last trip we went fishing and loved the taste of a fresh catch. We were lucky enough to meet Tony and his wife (the owners of Rey Del Mar Pirate Ship) by their restaurant at the marina; and she offered to prepare our catch. She made the most delicious piece of fish we've ever had along with some of her traditional helpings. And ever since that day we swore we would come back every year (no matter what!!), and fish, and enjoy the wonderful taste of a fresh catch.

We've decided to do away with hotels on this and hopefully future trips, as we would like to be able to cook our catch ourselves. Thus, we are also seeking someone with a small room/condo with amenities (kitchen, small fridge, etc) for rent. Please recommend some, if you may.


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Hi, thanks for your suggestions!

Although, this time our trip was completely geared towards our (but more so, my) fishing enjoyment, as it was long ago promised to me as part of a birthday gift ;)
These places look fantastic and my wife and I will absolutely have to try them on future trips!!

We were able to find a decent condo right by the area where we usually stay and it’s a 2 min walk from the beach, and very well priced, so we couldn't be happier.

Now all that remains is to get a fishing trip lined up... I’m bringing my gear, so I can do some surf fishing (first time), as well as my inflatable kayak to perhaps do some near-shore drop fishing. We are staying by Peñasco Del Sol, any recommendations on near-shore rocks to fish out of?

As always, much appreciated!!