Los Pavorreales Restaurante

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Its been a while since I've done a restaurant review, but we liked this one so much we went twice during our trip last week. Its north of the city, off the road to get to Sandy Beach without going through town. I'll post a crude map I made and a couple pictures we took. You turn north off the main road just east of the train tracks, and its just a 2 minute drive from there; road is dirt but in fine shape. There's a big billboard on the main road indicating the turnoff point. Not sure how long its been open but I think maybe just a couple months.

Menu is short and sweet, Birria de Res and Menudo, plus a couple other things. We tried both the Birria and Menudo and they were really good. My wife and father-in-law are from Navojoa where these are staple "comfort food" meals and they both gave there approval; that probably counts more than this gringo's two cents. Plus they have a "Quesabirria" where they take a quesadilla and fill it with the Birria meat- really good!

A really cool Rancho/Hacienda atmosphere that is a unique feel for Peñasco. They have a ton of animals for the kids to look at (including peacocks/pavorreales running around everywhere), and also a small playground area. Plus they horse rides for 20 pesos/1 dollar which our oldest kid loved. Open Saturdays and Sundays from 8am - 5pm, cash only. We loved it and highly recommend.
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We frequent this place and it is great! Everyone so friendly and the food is excellent. It appears to be a favorite place for menudo as they have both white & red.

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What about beer? I didn't see it on the menu so can you bring your own?
Based on my impressions its the kind of place that wouldn't have a problem with BYOB as long as you're not making a big deal about it. From what I've seen, Pollo Lucas is kind of the same way. If you bring in a small lunchbox cooler and are just "chilling out", I don't think its a big deal. If you wheel in a marine cooler with a bunch of blitzed amigos, they may politely ask you to leave hahaha


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Nah, just a few cool ones for dinner, nothing serious. We do take our own to Pollo Lucas with no problem