Lost at Sea … Any updates ?


Tom the Surfcaster
Old55 that is not good to hear. Chicano aka Adolfo is such a great guy. He will be in all of our thoughts amigo.


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I was looking at Windy tonight and notices the wind pattern the takes a drifting boat out and to the south around zBird island then straight back to the coast.


El Pirata
The Doña Rafaela has been missing since December 11 with a crew of 6/7.
Kind of a shrimper looking boat fishing for deep water fish, lost contact where there’s no phone reception.
Hope they find her and her crew, the families are by the docks asking for help.


El Pirata
Apparently these fishing boats only fish a route at night for the malusa, someone put a boat up with only enough fuel to run the route till tonight with sonar but they were unable to find any whereabouts of the Doña Rafaela.
The fishermen said that the owner of the Doña Rafaela has other boats that are full of fish so they can’t go out looking.
That’s what I heard I hope I didn’t lose something in the translation but they are asking for money for fuel and someone to loan a boat so they can run that route for a couple days and then maybe.