Lukeville Post office


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How accurate is the rumor it is closing ? Is there any indication the date this will happen ?


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I do not know. Burrito Express said they say that every 4 years. I have tried to call with no sucess. lukeville 001 520 387 6364 Ajo 001 520 387 6602


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My thought is that they would have to give us time to open another PO and do change of addresses to everybody, we haven't heard anything about this and being just there it was business as usual.


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According the the postal regulations that were reported by American Postal Workers magazine..'"The USPS must provide a “community meeting” at a time and place that allows for all patrons to have the opportunity to speak on the issue of the proposal, provide an opportunity for written comments, and must provide appeal rights if the USPS decides to discontinue (close), reduce hours, or relocate the post office." Sounds like we should get some kind of notice. As of today there is no "post office discontinuance list" publicly available for 2020. I looked at the 2019 list and Lukeville wasn't on in. There were posts offices that were designated on the list to be carried over into 2020 and Lukeville wasn't listed. So maybe we'll be OK.


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That's all good news. I found the list of planned closures and true, Lukeville was not on it. I had big problems with the young guy that runs the place a few years back. Closed me out without notice, returned several critical pieces of mail to senders (the IRS) without notice to me and caused enormous problems. Keep a close watch on your renewal date as he does not.